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About Logen Thiran

Logen Thiran is the President and CEO of Antenna Research Associates, a telecommunications equipment supplier based in Maryland.

Growing up, Logen Thiran was thoroughly interested in math and technology, which ultimately lead him to studying electrical engineering for undergraduate and graduate school. Over the course of his educational journey, Thiran became specifically interested in deal making, which inevitably lead to the majority of his career being tied to business and technology.

Today, Logen Thiran looks to ensure creation of value for his customers through technology. That creation of value, coupled with customer satisfaction, is what Logen is most passionate about and what drives him every day. Having the ability to make a difference for employees, customers, and shareholders is beyond rewarding for Thiran. Whether it’s a challenging situation or a client’s most difficult problem, Logen Thiran strives to solve the issue at hand and create value for his clients by any means.

Logen Thiran, an experienced leader, is the President and CEO of Antenna Research Associates.

As a leader, Logen Thiran finds it most important to surround himself with the best of people. Developing a team, and their capabilities, through collaboration and thoughtful leadership. For Logen, it’s very important for a leader to authentically believe in the company goal. Believing in what you’re trying to achieve will ultimately inspire others to achieve that same goal.

“The best of leaders are optimistic in a balanced way.”

Logen Thiran believes in using leadership to influence others. As a leader, a fundamental practice for Thiran is collaboration. Encouraging collaboration within the team is important when a decision has to be made, a leader then has to be willing to break the tie. Furthermore, Logen Thiran upholds an inclusive work environment by going around the table and getting different perspectives. With every situation, Logen Thiran ensures all voices heard, which ultimately aids in the overall decision process.