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Every good leader will tell you that their team is only as good as the people on it. The same goes for your business and your employees. Getting your employees to enjoy working for you and trust your leadership can be a difficult task. Trying to connect with your employees on a business and personal level is a large aspect of success within your business. Here are a few tips to get that connection with your employees.

Empower Your People

Respecting your employees is the base level of any good work relationship. You can take this to a new level when you respect more than just a standard business respect. There are multiple forms of respect: respecting their time, respecting their culture, respecting their ideals, respecting their interests and their opinions. When you break down the walls and try and relate to your people on the same level your employees can gain a reason to follow and listen to your leadership.


This can be a largely overlooked detail in many businesses, but recognition helps give your employees a common goal to look to. When you have the recognition of employees in a workplace your employees can strive to be able to do their job and maybe even more to get into the spotlight of your vision. This factor can also be a double edged sword if performed incorrectly. You can easily deter good employees from wanting to perform, but when done with caution and respect to all employees, you can create an aura of success.

Listen to your Employees

There is a reason this section isn’t labeled as “hear”, there is a clear distinction of listening and hearing. When you actually listen to what your employees are saying you give them a voice within the company. Asking your employees for their thoughts and opinions on topics and improvements for the company and taking their voices into consideration gives them a stake into the company.

Goal Setting

This isn’t your regular business goals within the company, this is finding out what your employee’s personal goals are. When you sit down and have the conversation with your employees and get that insight into what they are looking for in terms of goals, personal and workplace, can give you a better connection with them. This opens roads to help get your employees on your side.


Whether you have a small 100 employee company or a large 1,000 employee business, making sure your employees are invested in the success of the company can help create good connections. When you are informing your employees of the insider information into the business it shows them that you’re not trying to withhold anything from them, and trust them to see it all.