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Looking to get your employees motivated and engaged? Creating a work environment that is healthy won’t just make your employees happier, it can produce results as well. A key component in employee engagement is the environment around them. This includes the actual workspace in addition to the way you as a manager treats them. There are plenty of ways to improve the environment in your workplace, here are a few.


Gaining your employees trust is key in improving the environment around the workplace. A study has shown that 90% of employees think that the most valued attribute is trust. Building this skill can be a hard task to complete, but a large win for you as a manager. Trust goes hand in hand with communication between you and your employees. Keep your employees in the loop with things happening within the company, this is something to make them know they are a part of the company as a whole. Keep the door open for your employees to talk to you, whether it’s about work or things in their personal life. Being able to communicate with your employees builds the bridge to trust.


This is something not many managers utilize to create a better and healthier environment. Rewards can come in many forms and ways and you can benefit from them all. Rewarding your employees with bonuses is the most common form of this, but can still be effective. When goals are met you can reward teams of individuals with things other than monetary compensation as well. Using either verbal recognition or using perks as rewards go a long way. Perks can be paying for a team lunch or having a half day before a weekend can greatly increase the aura of the workplace and sometimes build trust as well in the process.

Having Fun

Some offices are defined by being dull and boring, which to an unmotivated employee is a killer. This is easily avoidable by allowing your employees to be more open with personal lives. Work can still be done in a timely manner even when you take the time to allow your employees to have fun. Make meetings interesting and become invested in your employees, ask them how things are going or maybe schedule a happy hour after work to bond. There are a lot more ideas to jumpstart your environment and to have a little bit more fun out there.