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You made the step up to being a manager, now what? Being a better manager can be a little daunting of a task to take on. There is more to being a great manager than just producing numbers or statistics. You have a team of people that you are leading and they are by far your most important factor in being a great manager. The last thing you want is the people that you put time and effort into training leave due to a poor effort you put into being a manager. Here are a few great tips to move towards being a better manager.


Taking some time to truly understand how you operate as a manager can offer some insight into how to improve yourself. You need to understand that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, including yourself. Finding out what exactly defines your strengths can help you focus in the right areas, while finding your weaknesses allows you to improve or avoid issues. Along side of this, figure out how you lead a group of people. Do you lead by example? How about inspiring your employees? Honing in on how you manage and how your employees take that management can help you move towards improving your style.


Creating relationships with your employees can be one of the best values you can try and use to be a better manager. There is a bigger focus now on the people producing the results rather than the results themselves. Yes, results and success are important to a business’ wellbeing, but the key component to them is the producers. When you make a point to create better relationships with your employees, they feel more involved and work harder to produce results for you which in turn generates the success you are looking for.


Becoming a better manager can also include changing the area around you as well as yourself. Creating a workspace in which employees feel comfortable will pay dividends in the end. Encourage an environment in which support is appreciated, give your employees recognition for doing well, make a support plan for struggling employees,  and resolve issues in a timely and professional manner. Lastly, find out your employees needs or wants and help them attain them, make sure you are on their side. These are all simple things to get your employees comfortable in your team environment.