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People often discuss entrepreneurs as being “born not made” and entrepreneurship as a skill you either possess or you don’t, but entrepreneurship is more of a skill set which, when employed effectively, are the foundation for the entrepreneurial spirit. In order to become a successful entrepreneur and work towards building a business that will last, you need to possess and refine these certain skills.

Entrepreneurs are invested

If you’re considering entrepreneurship for its lucrativeness, you’re going to be extremely disappointed. Entrepreneurship is a process, a journey, something you have to build and grow and nurture for years before you ever even hope to turn a profit. Entrepreneurs need to be invested enough in their business to stick it out through the rough points at the beginning if they ever want to see success in the future.

Entrepreneurs are resilient

Entrepreneurship can be a roller coaster of an experience with good moments and bad moments occurring seemingly at random; strong entrepreneurs will be the ones who can navigate both through calm waters and while weathering the storm. There will be times when outlook is fantastic, and there will be times when it is bleak, and being a great entrepreneur means that you keep no matter the resistance you encounter.

Entrepreneurs know how to sell

Whether or not you have any background or even any interest in entrepreneurship, every entrepreneur has to learn to become a salesperson. Even if you aren’t physically selling a product to a client, you’re constantly selling your ideas to investors or selling your company to potential employees. You also need to know when a sale is worth pursuing, and when it’s worth just letting go.

Entrepreneurs are learners

As an entrepreneur, you can often feel boxed into the role of expert where you need to have all of the answers all of the time. While you are the one in charge and calling the shots, one of the most liberating and growth-inducing things that you can do for yourself is admit when you don’t have the answers and use the opportunity as a chance to grow.

Entrepreneurs are self-reflective

In entrepreneurship there is a constant push to be doing something, whether it’s working on the next venture or continuing to grow your current one. However, great entrepreneurs know that it’s impossible to be constantly working and building; you need to take breaks for your mental and physical health. Self-reflection is a great tool to pull yourself out of the heat of the moment and reflect upon where you are, what got you there, and what you need to do to get to the next step. Allowing yourself time for thought and contemplation is important.