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Within the working world, entrepreneurship is its own kind of beast; you are the employer, employee, mastermind, and creative genius from which your company was born. Because entrepreneurship is so unique in execution, entrepreneurs often encounter challenges that are entirely individual to their situation. Here are some of the greatest challenges faced by entrepreneurs today.

Starting From Scratch

Building a business is no easy task, which is why entrepreneurs need to focus all of their time and energy on nurturing the company and helping it grow. It’s downright near impossible to do this while also working at another job to make ends meet. While it can be terrifying to leave a steady stream of income and a long-term career opportunity in pursuit of your dreams, if you truly want to give your business the attention it needs and deserves you’ll need to remove anything distracting you from that work. While there’s no clear cut solution to this problem, proper planning and attention to your gut can help guide you along your journey.

Building the Dream Team

The success of your business relies heavily on the employees and team members you choose to bring on board to help the company grow. Unless you have some experience in teambuilding, this is going to be a daunting task, especially for a startup with no existing team model or company culture securely in place. You also need to determine what positions need to be filled, what their roles will be, and the cost that this will have on your business. Not only do you need to figure out the logistics of all of that, but you’re under pressure to do it quickly so that your team can help the company grow and flourish.

Making All of the Decisions

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are faced with dozens of choices that they must make every day, but what isn’t discussed is just how exhausting it can be to have to call all of the shots. These decisions can range in importance and can impact the next hour or the next year of your business, putting a lot of pressure on the entrepreneur and often leading to decision fatigue. While it’s difficult to prepare for this level of stress, knowing what awaits you can help you be ready for it.

Handling the Unknown

When you’re creating a business the future typically holds more uncertainty than certainty. You don’t know when you’ll turn a profit, when you’ll be able to pay yourself, how customers will react to your product, or how long your business will even be around; as much as you prepare and plan ahead, these questions will never have a solid answer. Starting a business forces you to put long-term plans on hold as you forge through uncharted territory which can lead to a lot of uncertainty in your everyday life, making this especially challenging for entrepreneurs.