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A common expression in sports is that a team is only as strong as its weakest member. This applies to business as well. That being said, who you put on that team matters! Why? Business owners pay salaries whether their team is leveraged, productive, and efficient or not.


On a day-to-day basis, you will most likely see your coworkers more than anyone else. Most people spend eight-plus hours at their job every day, and may even have to take work home with them. This leads to an enormous amount of contact with bosses and coworkers. That being said, team members are the backbone of morality for your business. A business with positive employees is a healthy business.

Diversity of Opinions

Groupthink is a natural human bias that can infect any organization, unless there’s enough diversity within the group to counterbalance its effects. What exactly is groupthink? Groupthink is the tendency for members in a given group to gradually drift toward the same beliefs and styles of thinking.  According to Forbes, encouraging dissent and disagreement may seem counterproductive, but evidence suggests it’s the only way to get closer to the truth—and better decisions overall.

Motivation to Grow & Learn

In an ever-changing workplace, employers seek employees who are interested in keeping up with new developments and knowledge in the field. Motivation to grow and learn new things both in and out of work is contagious. If your company has an employee who is seeking further education, this can motivate others to do the same. Constant and lifelong learning is a key to success, therefore it is crucial that all team members are motivated to grow and learn.

Ilya Pozen, a Forbes contributor, is adamant that contrary to popular belief, the success of a business isn’t ensured by an amazing CEO or even the work of a few all-star employees- it’s all about the team. Even without your key players, your business should function without change. That being said, who you put on your team matters immensely. Team members should provide high morale, have a diversity of opinions and show the motivation to grow and learn.


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